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State Meet info for Xcel and JO

The sanctions are open in USA Gymnastics for Xcel and JO state meets, please register your athletes as they qualify.  Also, be sure to send me results either via email or snail mail.  The faster you register your qualified athletes the easier it will be to solidify a competition schedule.  Be sure the level in USA Gymnastics database matches the level that they have qualified for.  Some people have athletes registered as 10’s but only have level 9 qualifying scores.  Remember, the last day to drop back is February 15.  Whatever qualifying score they receive after that date is what they have to compete.  

Historically speaking, the schedule for JO state meet looks something like this:

Optionals on Friday

Compulsories level 4 and 5 on Saturday

Compulsories level 1, 2, 3 on Sunday

The entry fee for JO and Xcel state meet is TBA.  

All state meet updates will be on the Idaho web site as well as the corresponding club websites who are hosting the competitions.  

We have new JO all state award AA score requirements.  They have been posted on the website but you can find them below:


    Level 6 and 7 = 37.5AA

    Level 8 = 37AA

    Level 9 and 10 = 36AA

State Qualifying guidelines

Compulsories and optionals level 3 and up 32.00 AA
Levels 1 and 2 - must have competed in 2 sanctioned competitions
Xcel 32.00  AA

A two judge panel must be used for state qualifying scores for JO athletes.  A one judge panel may be used for Xcel Bronze and Silver.  A 2 judge panel is required for Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Last day to drop back a level is February 14th or if the 14th falls on a weekend the following Monday.  

Mark Kindelspire

Mark Kindelspire

State Chairman