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Idaho Committee Meeting

February 3, 2021


Mark Kindelspire: Idaho State Committee Chairman

Shalynn Garner: East Rep

Erin Jacobsen: East Rep

Jesse Dowell: South Rep

Kristen Morris: Xcel Rep

Barb DePasquale: North Rep

Suni Crawford: North Rep

Guest: Kelly Riley

Absent: Brandon Paine

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Mark Kindelspire at 9:00 am PST.

  1. Discussion on head tax for the 2020- 21 season was discussed.  

Recommendation for the 2020-21 season, Idaho competition fees (head tax) for in season meets will not be collected. 

Motion: Barb DePasquale

Second: Kristen Morris


The State Meet will still be assessed competition fees, both state and regional.

  1. Discussion on judge selection to the Regional Meets

The regional form is going to be evaluated for use in the state selection process as well as a survey to evaluate professionalism, consistency, and fairness. Both of these items will be used by the committee as data for voting on judges to represent Idaho at the regional meets. (2 for 8/9/10, 1 for 7, and 1 for Xcel). The committee is allowing the judging community to suggest survey questions and format to the committee.  These will be due February 22nd. The first time to use the survey will be at the state meet. 

  1. Discussion on drop back dates.

Recommendation for the 2020 - 21 season to have March 7th as the drop back date. 

Motion: Jesse Dowell

Second: Barb DePasquale


  1. 9:45 am

Recommendation to adjourn.

Motion: Suni Crawford

Second: Jesse Dowell


USAG Idaho State Board Virtual Meeting

November 16th

Meeting attendees:

Mark Kindelspire- State Chairman

Marian DeWane – Judges Representative

Erin Jacobson – East Rep

Shalynn Garner – East Rep

Kristen Morris – Xcel Rep

Suni Crawford – North Rep

Jesse Dowell – South Rep

Barbara DePasquale – North Rep

Brandon Paine -South Rep

Mark Kindelspire called the meeting called to order at 10:10 am.

Discussion was held about the status of the season. 

Recommendation to allow one judge panels to qualify for state through the 20-21 season at levels where one judge panels are allowed (DP levels 1 through 5 and all Xcel).

Motion Marian DeWane

Second Kris Morris


Recommendation to allow athletes to qualify at in house meets with one team to meet the qualifying score to the state meet for the 20-21 season.

Motion Barbara DePasquale

Second Kris Morris


Motion to adopt the same language for the state as the region follows for state entry fee refunds in the event it is canceled. (No refunds should be expected for regional meets.  Should the host be able to cover all expenses, the host will make a good faith effort to refund part of the entry fees.) 

Motion Brandon Paine

Second Suni Crawford



Recommendation that we accept virtual qualifying meet scores through the 20-21 season.

Motion Marian DeWane

Second Barbara DePasquale



Recommendation to use the regions Xcel qualifying score at any meet throughout the year but athletes must compete at the state meet through the 20-21 season.

Motion Jesse Dowell

Second Brandon Paine



Recommendation to adjourn 11:16

Motion Marian DeWane

Second Shaylynn Garner


Respectfully submitted by

Shalynn Garner

Meet Dates for 2020/2021


2020/2021 Dates


10/24                     Judging Exam Meridian

12/9 - 12/13      Teddy Bear Classic

1/7 - 1/11             City of Trees

1/22 - 1/24          Gem State Invitational

2/4 - 2/7                Rumble in the Jungle

2/17 - 2/21          Queen of Hearts Invitational

2/18 - 2/21          Great West GymFest

2/25 - 2/28          Snowglobe Classic

2/26 - 2/28          Rock N Roll Invite

3/5 - 3/6                Yellow Stone Challenge

3/19 - 3/21          Xcel State Championships

3/26 - 3/28          Compulsory and Optional State Championships



Mark Kindelspire

Mark Kindelspire

State Chairman