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2020 JO State Meet and Xcel State Meet

Xcel State : March 21 and 22 Hosted by Madison Gymnastics at  Mountain View Events center in Pocatello

JO State:  March 27-29 hosted by Performance Plus Events at Idaho Expo in Boise

State Qualifying Scores

Compulsories and optionals level 3 and up 32.00 AA
Levels 1 and 2 - must have competed in 2 sanctioned competitions
Xcel 32.00  AA

A two judge panel must be used for state qualifying scores for JO athletes.  A one judge panel may be used for Xcel levels Bronze and Silver.  A 2 judge panel must be used for Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Last day to drop back a level is February 14th or if the 14th falls on a weekend the following Monday.  

Last day to qualify is the first weekend in March.  

State Meet Fee

Entry fee maximum is set in the rules and policies. To go above this fee requires approval. Added to the base entry fee include $5 for a regional fee and $2 for a state fee to the total entry fee.

Competition Format

Modified capital cup with two sets of equipment

Awards for State

Level 1-10 and Xcel State Age Groups
Awards for State do not need to follow the National age groups.  USAG Idaho has determined to have no more than 15 gymnasts/age group.
Create ages groups based on birthdays.

Event and AA Awards

1st-6th medals given for events and AA.
Compulsory gymnasts and Xcel Bronze/Silver should also receive achievement ribbons. 

Medals and Stock Achievement Ribbons are ordered through A-1 Awards only

If the host club desires to create custom Idaho State Championship Achievement ribbons, any company can be used, just be sure to follow the USAG Branding Guidelines.

Team Banners
Contact Ann Grigsby to place order
Minimum of 1st-3rd place team banner awarded. 

All State Awards 
Level 6 and 7 = 37.50AA

Level 8 = 37AA

Level 9/10 = 36.00AA

Xcel Platinum/Diamond = 37.5 AA

Clear Diamond Paperweight 3.15" Diameter 80mm
Order through in California (order a minimum of 15 days in advance)  1-800-982-5992
USAG Idaho is responsible for this expense and will place the order.

Senior Awards

Regional Qualification
Qualification to post season competitions will be outlined by the Regional Board or USAG.  Contact Marian DeWane for more info on Regionals

State Meet Bids

In order to bid for a state meet you MUST have hosted a sanctioned event using the State's judges for assignment with scores.  Also, you must have your facility secure before submitting bid.

Bids are due by May 1
Voting First weekend in June

USA Gymnastics logo policy - effective Sept 2014